Monju: Monitor JBoss Servers with Nagios


Monju (pronounced 'MON-joo') is a framework that makes available the internal states of JBoss application server to Nagios remote monitoring system. It is designed with flexibility and convenience in mind. While using this framework allows implementing the most complex nagios checks imaginable, many common checks can be enabled by just installing Monju and configuring Nagios to activate those checks.

See documentation for more details.

Monju is an open source software hosted on SourceForge.

Current Status

Initial Release (let's call it version 0.9) is available for download. It is minimal but fully functional.


Monju is offered under the LGPL which is OSS (Open Source Software) compliant.


Binary distribution, source distribution, and documentation, are available from SourceForge. Click here.


Help me make Monju more useful to you by sending us feedback. If you need any help in using Monju, I am happy to help. Send me a message from this page.

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